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The equilibrium constant Kc for the reaction shown below is 3.8 x 10-5 at 727°C. I2(g) = 2 I(g) Calculate Kc and Kp for the following equilibrium at the same temperature. 2 I(g)= I2(g) Since they give us first rxn Kc do. The Kp calculator is a tool that will convert the equilibrium constant, Kc, to Kp - the equilibrium constant in terms of partial pressure. In the following article we will explain what is Kp, as well as providing you with the Kp equation. You will also find out how to calculate Kp from Kc (or Kc from Kp).

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Conversion between Kc and Kp What if you are given either a Kc and a Kp and you want to find the corresponding Kp or Kc. Example 1A(g) + 1B(g) <=> 2C(g) If Kc for this reaction = 10 then what is the Kp for

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It is found that the HI has undergone 22% dissociation. Calculate Kc. 2 Hi(g) H2(g) + 12(g) initial moles change in moles equilibrium moles 2 Hag) 1.2 coo 2.0 1.8 CH30H(g) For the general reaction aA + bB Dr Clays A -level How to calculate values and units for Kp via mole fractions and partial pressures. Also a short commentary on heterogenenous ... This chemistry video tutorial on chemical equilibrium explains how to calculate Kp from Kc using a simple formula.

Kp and Kc are measurements of the extent of reaction, where in the reaction the equilibrium position. However, changing pressure doesn't affect due to the partial pressure (=pressure/total pressure) being measured and it is always cancelled out. At equilibrium the total pressure (for NH3 and H2S taken together) is 0.614 atm. Calculate Kp for this equilibrium at 24oC. 4. A 0.831-g sample of SO3 is placed in an evacuated 1.00-L container and heated to 1100K. The relationship between Kc and Kp is given by equation : Kp = Kc (RT)delta n. In the reaction given above there are 2 mol of gaseous products (2NH3) and 4 mol of gaseous reactants (1N2 + 3H2 ) . Therefore, delta n = 2-4 = -2 ( remember that delta functions are always based on products minus reactant .)

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